Providing an On-Ramp to Education Pathways

Today’s students are faced with too many options and often too little guidance, as colleges and universities struggle to meet individualized advising needs. By encouraging students to explore their interests and personality, they immediately become more engaged in their education planning. As colleges and universities look for ways to redesign their intake to help students explore career/ academic options, and develop an academic program by the end of the first year, they are rethinking traditional recruitment, enrollment and advising methods.

That is where we can help. The VitaNavis® platform is a campus-wide academic, career planning and readiness solution dedicated to enabling action through personality and data-driven results. Students receive more than a list of potential careers. The system is designed to encourage students to self-explore as it matches them to academic and career pathways, while helping institutions better understand their student population to make more informed strategic decisions.

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