“We would absolutely recommend the use of the TKI to other companies. It gives a great deal of self-insight to participants as well as an overall framework for considering how people approach conflict. It is also easy to use, thought-provoking and gives reasonable recommendations to individuals based on their scores.”
- Manager, Organizational Development, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

Meet the TKI.

This year, we’re excited to say Happy 40th Anniversary to the TKI, first published in 1974. Want to learn more about conflict management and the TKI? Explore this site dedicated to the TKI anniversary, rich with resources, videos, articles, and more. And remember to check back often, as we’re adding new content monthly!

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Because Data Is Better in Color

Digging through mountains of data can be tedious, to say the least. A simple search on Google yields 85 million results for the term “conflict,” covering everything from conflict minerals in Africa to the 1945 Humphrey Bogart movie.

And, without some prompting, your workforce would rather discuss just about anything other than conflict management. Yet it’s an important topic in all organizations, and the cost associated with lost revenue and employees due to conflict is staggering.

That’s why we’ve taken the most relevant data on conflict management and the TKI and put them into a visually interesting, easily digestible infographic for you to share with your employees. There will be four different infographics out this year, so check back frequently to catch them all!



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CPP's Professional Services

The beauty of the TKI tool is its simplicity. Not only are the TKI tool and its related reports easy to understand for both you and your employees, but CPP (the exclusive publisher of the TKI, MBTI®, and other assessments) offers booklets, resource training guides, and activities to support you in the implementation of your conflict management program.

However, we know how busy you are and that conflict management may not be your area of expertise. Maybe you’d appreciate someone else running the conflict management program. CPP is here to help with that, too.

  • CPP’s Professional Services bring together the world’s most widely used assessment tools and the expert consulting advice you need to speed up organizational learning and develop your most valuable resource—your employees. They’re an experienced partner who can help you develop effective solutions for your people, teams, and organization. In addition to conflict management, choose from their portfolio of organizational development services:

    Career coaching

    Change management programs

    Conflict management programs

    Conflict management skills development

    Cross-cultural team development programs

    Cross-cultural training

    Customized assessment reporting

    Customized team development programs

    Executive coaching

    Facilitation and process consulting

    Leadership development programs

    Leading across cultures consulting

    Looking at Email Negotiations with the TKI Conflict Model

    Team-building programs

    People analytics services

    Psychometrics testing services

    Strategic HR consulting

    Team coaching

    Team selection consulting/services

Our Solutions Consultants can help develop a professional program just for you. If you’re interested in learning more about CPP Professional Services’ conflict management programs or any of the other programs they offer, fill out this brief questionnaire and we’ll get back to you shortly.

If you’re located outside of the United States and are interested in any of the services listed above, please contact [email protected] and we’ll find the office nearest to you!



Be Better – At Negotiating

On-Demand August 2014
Presented by CPP Solutions Consultant Pamela Valencia

The Cost of Conflict: How Conflict Affects Your Workforce and What You Can Do to Manage It

On-Demand April 2014
Presented by CPP Solutions Consultant Michael Segovia


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